Timeless Love Photo Shoot

After a couple busy weeks, the Soiree office is feeling complete again! Ali spent a much deserved vacation in Thailand, and while she was gone, I kept myself busy by working with some of Spokane’s most talented vendors on a beautiful photo shoot! The premise of this shoot was the idea of “timeless love,” love that doesn’t fade or alter. The perfect compliment to this idea is aNeMonE’s paper flowers, that last forever. We also incorporated some beautiful aluminum wall art from Mango Ink into the scenes. Our mother and daughter models did a wonderful job of enhancing the “timeless” theme and Matt Shumate was able to do some amazing things with the lighting to change the scene from day to night.

Timeless love main

To bring our vision to reality, we transformed the White Room into an outdoor venue. We brought in sod, crated a sky from many many sheets of tissue paper, and allowed the beautiful flowers from aNeMonE to create a surreal environment. Ferguson Films provided a great video of the entire process, which you can watch here. It took 5 hours, 400 square feet of sod, and countless pieces of tissue paper, but we successfully brought the outdoors inside! I don’t think any one of the vendors could have asked for this shoot to go any better!

Here are a few of our favorite shots of the day, but be sure to check out Matt Shumate’s blog to see all of the shots!


Soiree Event Design Timeless Love Photo Shoot Series


A HUGE thank you goes out to the group above and everyone that was involved:

Matt Shumate – for his wonderful photography (Second from left)

aNeMonE – for beautiful paper flowers (Third from left)

Mango Ink – for timeless and moving aluminum wall art (and sod) (Second and third from right)

Ferguson Films – for a video that perfectly captured the entire day (Forth and fifth from left)

Marcella’s Bridal- for some beautiful gowns

The Attic – for their perfect props

The White Room – for the blank canvas, and allowing us to lay sod in it!

The Make Up Studio – for flawless make up

Heather Washburn – for perfect hair

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