Something New at Soiree Event Design

Something New at Soiree Event Design

Here at Soiree Event Design, we are always trying provide our clients with what they need.  Because we are at the age that so many of our friends and family are getting married we noticed that a little direction and help getting started can go a long way.   So many brides and grooms spend countless hours wading through the plethora of information online in the beginning of their wedding planning.  Some brides and grooms attend bridal fairs and book a photographer or officiant on site merely out of convenience and to end the burden of searching any longer.   When starting the planning process, the list seems so long that just getting things checked off gives a sense of accomplishment.  It’s not until the wedding approaches that some realize that they may have benefitted to spend a little more time searching to find the perfect fit.

This is why we have designed a new package for brides and grooms.  We’ve done the research, we’ve worked with vendors, we’ve met with them personally, and have a clear idea of their personalities and who they might mesh best with. We know their average pricing off the top of our heads and we know if they will be a good fit for you.  This package gives brides and grooms direction at the beginning to save time, energy and the awful pit in your stomach about whether or not you are choosing a reputable vendor.  We call it the Getting Started Package.  And for $150, it’s well worth the time, energy and sanity you’ll save.

The Getting Started Package includes the following:

  • An initial consulation to discuss client desires for their big day, as well as get a feeling for the client – we love it if both the bride and groom can be there.
  • A budget tool to help you decide how you can best spend your money.
  • Suggested questions for each vendor.
  • Two event scenarios that include options for venue, catering and beverages, florist, baker, photographer, DJ, rentals (if necessary) and videographer, if desired.  Each scenario will include pricing and availability for the date.
  • Lastly, any additional package services with Soiree Event Design will receive a 10% discount – which could easily pay for this initial package!
  • Additional event scenarios $50 each.


Photo credit: Design is Mine

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