Vendor Spotlight: Country Elegance

Vendor: Country Elegance, owner Jeneen Barrett

Country Elegance Owner Jeneen Barrett

Location: Off of Spokane’s South Hill, near Farris High School

Address: 4407 E. Jamieson Rd. Spokane, WA 99223

Phone: (509) 220-3797


Price Range: Only $3500 for the location and use of all amenities on site. Also includes a $500 deposit. Does not include tables and chairs, however, vendor will chip in $500 towards rentals for up to three days.

Just when we thought we had seen all Spokane had to offer…

We only had to drive a few minutes out of the South Hill to be proven wrong.

Compared to downtown Spokane, we were in another world — a world tucked inside a green valley, cozily surrounded by tall pines, a three-story, fiery red barn, off-setting the lush green fields, filled with the sounds of a faithful waterfall beneath a large weeping willow. But don’t let us forget to mention the ducks, geese, chickens, deer, and horses. Sound like bustling downtown Spokane to you?

This classy working farm has so much to offer, we can’t put it on paper. It’s perfect for those do-it-yourself brides who know what they want. Want to walk down the aisle of horse stalls rather than a church? You can. Want your reception under the stars without the light pollution of the city? It can happen. Want a barn dance? You got it. Want pictures of your wedding party in a field full of horses? Take them. Want authentic cow skulls from Montana as part of your decorations? Perfect…she’s got you covered. There are so many beautiful, unique places to take your wedding photos, the overwhelmed photographer won’t know where to start. You have the location — now you have the freedom. “Just do what you need to do,” says [owner’s name].

Pictures speak louder than words, however.

Country Elegance Barn
Country Elegance Barn View
Country Elegance Yard
Country Elegance Pug

If this looks like home to you, it’ll be the perfect place for one of the most celebratory and memorable days of your life.

Also allows full use of the following amenities:

Room for + 250

Three story barn

Room for a DJ and dancing upstairs


Children’s playhouse

Hunter’s carriage (one of only three left in the entire world!) and sleigh

Horse stalls — perfect for serving your food and drinks

Designated smoking area

Ease of access

Pond, complete with waterfall and boat

House available to the wedding party

References: All photos by Logan Shenkel


Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Coordinator by Soirée Event Design

You might be thinking, do I need an event coordinator?  This is a normal question.  Here are our top 10 reasons why the answer to your questions is, “Yes!” and the top 10 reasons you will never regret hiring a coordinator.


10.  Save Time

The average couple spends over 200 hours researching and planning a wedding.  Planners have already done the research and can expedite this process immensely.  You can spend less time planning and more time enjoying your soon-to-be-spouse!


9.  Save Money

For full coordination clients, planners are able to get clients discounts through their preferred vendors.  Planners can also prevent clients from spending money on things that will have little impact on their event, or come up with creative ways to save money.


8. Save Friends

When planning events, weddings especially, it is easy to accidentally put stress on the people closest to us.  These are the people who you want to enjoy your event and be there as your friends and family, not as your event coordinators.


7.  Keep on Budget

Planners will have a very realistic idea of what things cost.  Event costs can add up quickly and it is important to be straightforward and vigilant with keeping a budget on track.  Event planners can help facilitate this process.


6.  Offer Advice and Creative Guidance

Planners have seen many events and know what works and what doesn’t.  They are devoted to making your event go as smooth as possible.  They are also up to date with fun and creative ideas in the industry and are likely excited and willing to share.


5. Creating a Timeline (that works!)

Anyone with Word can create a timeline and many people do this for their events.  But, creating a timeline that flows seamlessly and makes sense for how your events will move and flow throughout your event takes expertise and planning. Event planners can make this process much easier.


4. Acts as the Go-To Person

You may be hosting your event, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one that your event team is checking in with. – you should be enjoying your guests and your party.  Event planners act as the go to person, so that you can sit back and enjoy!


3. Handles Crisis

More than just being the go-to person, event planners will be your trouble-shooters in case anything goes awry.  Many times things go wrong that the hosts are not even aware of because their event planner handled it before it got out of hand.

2. Makes your Wishes a Reality

Event planners have the knowledge, expertise and production skills to make sure that what you want to happen is what happens.  If you want to have fire dancers at your event, but have no idea the safety, licensing and logistics of making that happen, event planners can make it happen so that your event is exactly how you envision it.


1. Minimize Stresses and Maximize Fun

The number one reason to hire a planner is to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  A host should never have to spend their event worrying; they should be celebrating the momentous occasion.  Having a planner will allow you to do this!


Photo Reference:


Custom Weddings 2013

Soiree Event Design Custom Weddings 2013

The Soiree Custom Weddings 2013 Booth!

On January 19, Ali and I joined a group of wonderful vendors at the Hagadone Event Center in Coeur d’Alene for the Custom Weddings bridal show. If you didn’t have the pleasure of joining us, here are the vendors that were there. Any combination of these talented individuals would make for a beautiful and successful wedding!


A New Dawn: Carry Gridley Hair Stylist

Rejuvenate Rx

The Make-Up Studio Read more about Julie and the Make-Up Studio here!





Just American Desserts (read about our shoot with Just American Desserts here)

Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop




A Special Touch (We have used A Special Touch on TWO shoots, the Barrister Shoot and the Chateau Rive Shoot)

Dragon Flower Design


Storybook Bridal (Read more about Storybook Bridal here)



Music / DJ:

AMP’D Entertainment (AMP’D helped us with the Addy’s AND the Chateau Rive Shoot!)

Big Show Mobile Entertainment (Read more about Big Show here)


Flat 4 Photography


2ee’s Photography (read about Eric and Erica here)

Matt Shumate Photography (our first interview was with Matt, and we did the Timeless Love and Chateau Rive shoots with him!)

Jeremiah Andrews

Quicksilver Studios


Jaime Johnson Events

Soiree Event Design


The Attic (more about The Attic here)

Event Rents

Silhouette Lighting


Coeur d’Alene Resort

Blackwell House

The Davenport Hotel & Tower

Hayden Lake Country Club


Ferguson Films (read the Ferguson Film story here, they also helped with the Timeless Love shoot!)

Sure Shot

Papermade Invites

Papermade Invites

Vendor Profile: Papermade Invites

Name: Lindsey Vlasman



Year Started: 2007

Price Range: Starting at $3 per piece for a wedding package



Papermade Invites

We recently spent part of an afternoon chatting with Lindsey from Papermade Invites. Not only did we get to swoon over her beautiful designs but we got to hear some delightful stories about her wonderful clients. It is clear Lindsey spends a great deal of time creating products that reflect each of her client’s personalities.

How long have you been in the industry?

I got started in Portland in 2007. I’ve really enjoyed being in Spokane in the last year, I’ve been so much busier since I’ve been here.

What graphic design services do you offer?

I do all graphic design, but I really enjoy doing event invites.  Graphic design is a great way to balance being my own boss, having time to take care of my children and still having an opportunity to be creative everyday.

What do you most like about creating invites?

I love being creative. But, it’s so fun to deliver invites to people and seeing how excited their faces are. There are so many fun opportunities for that when you are creating custom invites.

Do you mostly do custom work or orders from your website?

It’s about half and half custom orders and website orders. A lot of times someone will find something from the gallery and alter something small about it.

How many designs do you have in your online gallery?

Right now, I have 40 designs on the website, but I have some new designs that are not currently up on the website.  A lot of times my facebook page will have pictures of my most current designs.

Here are some samples of her designs:

Papermade Invites
Papermade Invites
Papermade Invites

Can clients choose how many pieces they want to order?

Yes. Everything can be accommodated to meet the client’s needs.  We have lots of options within the order from eco-friendly papers to changing colors and fonts..  There are custom envelopes and cutouts to add to your invites as well, or some that can even be used for place cards.

Do you save money by ordering more items?

Usually invites get less expensive the more people you are inviting. Ordering each piece in larger quantities will always save you money.

What is the average pricing for a four piece set including save the date, invite, RSVP and envelope cost?

It really depends, smaller packages usually start around $3 and larger packages can maybe get up to $7 at the most.


Photo Credits: Not available

Rebecca Hollis Photography

Rebecca Hollis Photography

Vendor Profile: Rebecca Hollis Photography

Name: Rebecca Hollis

Phone Number: 888-258-7238



Year Started: 2008 (In the INW)

Price Range: Starting at $2,000.

Rebecca Hollis Photography

Oh my goodness, I adore this woman and her talent.  Rebecca and I chatted about a month ago about Rebecca Hollis Photography and what she offers the Spokane Wedding community.  She is a very talented photographer, but beyond that, a very beautiful person.  Our conversation quickly went from talking about photography to reminiscing about growing up in small towns, big families and traveling as much as we can.  One of my main concerns when choosing a wedding photographer is that you fee comfortable with them around; they are going to be with you ALL day.  Rebecca is so warm-hearted and approachable, I’m not sure who she wouldn’t be a good fit for!  Sadly, Rebecca will be moving to Montana this year, but will still travel to Spokane and CDA for event photography!

What’s your favorite thing about wedding photography?

Capturing the individuality of each wedding.  It is nice that there is a recent shift to making weddings very personal.

Do you mostly photograph weddings?

Yes. I do some family portraits and senior pictures, but weddings are definitely my niche.  I do a good mix of Spokane and Idaho weddings.

Here are a few samples:

Rebecca Hollis Photography
Rebecca Hollis Photography
Rebecca Hollis Photography
Rebecca Hollis Photography
Rebecca Hollis Photography

How do you structure your wedding day packages?

All of my packages include an engagement sessions.  It’s really helpful for me to get to know my couples and see how they are in front of the camera.  I really like to do that.  I have a time limited, but it is flexible.  I put a time limit on there just so that there is a good schedule of when good pictures can get taken. I have a second photographer available.  Her name is Jennifer Haas and she is available if I need a second photographer for a wedding.

What is your price range?

I start at $2,000 for my basic package.  That’s the basic with 6 hours, engagement session, online gallery and a wedding proofs album with all edited photos.  If I style a photo in a certain way, I will usually include the original as well as the edited images. I have four different packages from there.  Most clients choose one of my middle packages.  Depending on the client budget, I am willing to be flexible.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I like to read the couple and cater to what I feel they will like, but I tend to be a little quirky.  I hesitate to say vintage because I feel that is overused, but some of my work has a little bit of a vintage look.

What’s your favorite dessert and where is the best place to get it?

My favorite dessert has to be S’mores!  You just can’t beat the fire roasted crust on the mallow mixed with the melty chocolate and the graham cracker crunch. And, the best place to get it is in my backyard!

What’s your favorite part about living in the Inland Northwest?

The mountains!  I grew up in the forests with lots of lakes, but no mountains.  It’s been great to take adventures in, on, and around them.  I’m never without awe when I wake up in the morning and look out the window.

All photos by Rebecca Hollis Photography.


Vendor Profile: Shasta Hankins Make Up

Vendor Profile: Shasta Hankins Make Up

Name: Shasta Hankins

Phone Number: (208) 301-2450



Year Started: 2010

Price Range: Starting at $50 and up

Shasta Hankins


Shasta Hankins Makeup

Q: When did you get started in the industry?

S: I got started in 2010 on my own.  I think I have done make up for about 120 brides since then.  My business is growing and definitely I gain my business by word of mouth.  My clientel is mostly weddings, though I still do some theater makeup at shows at the INB.

Q: What services do you offer?

S: Bridal makeup is the most common, but I offer makeup for other events too. I have a lot of clients who I”ve done their wedding and then maybe a few events after.  Some want to do maternity pictures or anniversary pictures and want to look their best, and that is definitely something that I offer.  I also do makeup education.  I really cater my services to whatever the client would like.

Q: What is typical pricing?

S: For a special event, it is typically between $50 and $60 (depending on if they want lashes or not).  I can come to their home to do all their makeup, I bring my whole set up with me including a table and chair; I”m fully mobile.  I just need good lighting.  Something like that would usually take about an hour and we typically don”t meet ahead of time.

For a bridal package, I really try to keep my pricing reasonable.  I know that it is really expensive for brides, but they still deserve a good service.  Bridal packages start at $135.  That includes an initial meeting with the bride to see how she wears her everyday makeup, then we talk about the wedding and the look that she wants.  We arrange a trial run, usually on a day that they have a special occasion.  The day of the wedding, I go onsite as well.  As long as it is in the Spokane area, I don”t charge travel cost.

Depending on the needs of the client, I really try to best suite their needs.  Any additional party members I charge at $50 each, which includes full application and eyelashes.

Q: Do you have certain products that you use?

S: I mostly use makeup artist lines that have good pigment. A lot of them are hypo allergenic, some are organic. I don”t have lineage to one certain line.  I like to try all the products myself before I use them on clients.  I have really sensitive skin, and that is something that I am very mindful of.  I am always asking clients if they have any sensitivities or allergies.  I want to make sure all the products I am using on them are safe for their skin ahead of time.

Q: Is there a certain style of makeup that you like to do?

S: A lot of my clients actually don”t wear makeup. Maybe they can”t because of their occupation or they just don”t have time. So, getting dolled up includes mascara and some lip gloss.  For their bridal make up, I don”t want it to look overdone.  I really pride myself in accentuating their natural features.  Letting their skin show through and their inner beauty.  A lot of times, brides will show me a very smoky eye and I can do that for them.  But, a lot of times, when I do it in the trial, it”s a little more dark then they imagined. I always want brides to keep in mind that their look should be timeless and true to their usual style.  I like a more natural approach.

Here are some samples of her great work

Shasta Hankins Makeup

Q: What do you like about Spokane and the Inland Northwest?

S: I have been all around the US and I like Spokane because I feel like it has such a sense of home for people.  It”s a safe place, but we still have a little metro area downtown.  There are some great little hidden spots and so much natural diversity.

Q: Where can you get the best dessert in Spokane?

S: I love the cookies from Taste cafe! They are the best!

References in order of appearance: 1. Jennifer Harvey Photography 2. Easy Dreamer Photography 3. Easy Dreamer Photography 4. Rebecca Hollis Photography 5. Ifon Cheng Photography 6. Jennifer Harvey Photography


Moxie Images

Vendor Profile: Moxie Images

Name: Moxie Images


Phone: (509)869-2412


Address: 6718 N. Pittsburg St.

Spokane, WA 99217

Price Range: $2,400 to $3,400



Moxie Images Nikki Belyea

We were lucky enough to do a little interview with the lovely Nikki Belyea of Moxie Images this past month.  I have seen Nikki in action in past weddings and she is so kind with her brides!  One thing that I love about her work is that she is so very consistent.  I have never seen an image that wasn’t of good quality come from Moxie Images.  Consistency is such an important thing when picking our a photographer.

Moxie Images

Here’s a little more info about Nikki:

Q: How did you get started? How long have you been in the industry?

N: I’ve been in business for 9 years, since June 2003. I started learning about photography a few years before that, while in high school. During my junior and senior year I spent half the day at a career center, this was in Alaska, and I picked photography for my class thinking that it would be a fun hobby. I also took graphic design for a semester to try that out. I landed a good high school job at the lovely Sears Portrait Studio too! During my senior year I told my parents I wanted to go to college for photography, so my dad and I checked out schools along the coast of California (I wanted to live by the beach!) and then stopped in Spokane to visit family. While I was here I checked out Spokane Falls Community College and surprisingly enough it was my favorite school, so I made Spokane my home. I spent 2 years getting my AA Degree in Photography and got my business license right when I graduated. I started shooting weddings that summer… and was busy ever since! Once I got a studio I was able to do more portrait sessions and expand that part of my business, but weddings have always been my focus. My business has grown enough that I was able to buy commercial property for my studio and have been there for 4 years now.

Q: How do you describe your photography or style?

N: It’s hard to label a specific style… I just do what I do and that’s probably a bit of a mixture if someone were to look through one of my albums. I like capturing natural moments, so people would call that “candid” or “photojournalism” I guess. I also make sure there are some more posed timeless images of the couple (Mom will want), along with family posed shots, which would be considered “traditional”. And when I have a wedding party in a specific location for the lighting and background, yet have them laughing and talking, then that’s called “illustrative”. I think I naturally intermix all of those styles throughout the day when it seems appropriate for each. I’m easy going and can change directions quickly and easily as time allows.

Q: What is your favorite surrounding or back drop? Or, your favorite photographic moment?

N: My favorite surroundings are usually some place I’ve never been before. I see more “spots” in places I’ve never been compared to places I’ve seen hundreds of times. Clients sometimes worry too much about the location, but I know I can make nearly anything look different through the lens. The focus is the people and my job is to make things work around them. I favor outside over indoor, so for inside weddings I like to get the couple outside for some of the photos at least. Sometimes people don’t want to go out in the heat, rain, snow, wind… pretty much any weather condition can be a problem, but those are things that can make the photos more interesting too. When we had our first snow earlier this winter I had an engagement session scheduled, we had it scheduled for a couple months prior! The couple were so awesome and willing to trudge through the snow unexpectedly. It wasn’t a perfect day weather wise, but it made for fun and unique photos!

Here’s a shot from that shoot:

Moxie Images


Q: What is your favorite thing about photographing events?

N: For some reason when I get to the wedding location and walk into the getting ready room I get the vibe of excitement by just walking in. It’s a great feeling. I take photos of the dress, the shoes and all the other details, knowing the bride has spent so much time picking these things out. When the bride is getting her dress on the bridesmaids and moms are smiling, sometimes through tears, love those moments.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

N: With my job I love that every day is different. I also love that what I give to people is something they will treasure for a lifetime. It’s such an honor!

Q: What challenges you in your work?

N: I think the biggest challenge is the same as my favorite… that every day is different. This job requires constant learning and reinventing to keep it fresh, but again that’s what makes it fun too!

Q: What’s your average pricing?

N: All my packages include full coverage of the main events on the wedding day – up to 8 hours, including the printable digital files. I also make a slideshow within a few days after the wedding that the couple can share online while they are away on their honeymoon! I offer a free engagement session including the digital files to all my couples, this helps to get to know each other before the big day. Albums are included in most of my packages and there are a variety to choose from. Currently the packages range $2400-$3400.

Moxie Images

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in the Inland Northwest?

N: Having 4 seasons. I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska with very long winters and just a couple months of summer. I didn’t know what spring and fall were like until I moved here.

Q: Favorite dessert? And, the best place to get it around here?

N: That’s tough since I love all sweets! But for a dessert outing I’d say frozen yogurt at Froyo. One just opened on Nevada/Lyons by my studio!

And, now, I’m craving froyo…

Storybook Bridal

Vendor Profile: Storybook Bridal 

Story Book Bridal

Name: Misty

Phone Number: 208-765-6900



Year Started: 2011

Price Range: $100-$2,000

Last week, we made the trek to Coeur d’Alene and spent part of a lovely afternoon chatting at Storybook Bridal. We were living every girl’s dream, talking shop surrounded by beautiful wedding gowns. Storybook impressed us not only with their selection but with the welcoming nature of their store and staff and their goal to have each bride get the “princess experience!”

Story Book Bridal Main Pic

Q: How long have you been in business?

A:  It was started by the original owner 5 years ago, and I took over December 1, 2011.

Q: What lines do you carry?

A: It is changing, but we carry, Allure, Ella, Essance of Australia, Jasmine and soon to be Casablanca Couture. That is our bridal line.  We also carry bridesmaids dresses: we carry B2, Impressions, and Dessi. We also have sale racks, that is all of our “older” styles. We are definitely carrying prom, and those dresses will start coming in at the end of January.

Story Book Bridal Gowns


Q: What are your price points?

A: We try to hit everyone’s price points, because we have some of our sale dresses starting as low as $100 and they go up to about $2,000.  We kind find something for everyone.

Q: Have you seen any popular styles for this year?

A: Definitely the fit and flare, that is what is popular right now. In the past I saw brides going for “less” and showing a bit more skin with strapless gowns and sweetheart tops, and now I see more girls wanting to be more conservative. The peephole back is very popular right now.

Q: What sets your store apart from other bridal stores?

A: Most other bridal stores’ sales people are commission based, and ours are not. Of course we want to sell you your dress, but you have to love the dress like you love the guy, and if you don’t find that here, then its alright if you find it somewhere else. I want each bride to be able to have that princess experience. Also, our appointments are an hour and a half instead of just one hour. We want them to have the full experience, and we don’t limit the number of dresses, you can try on 100 if you want, or the same one 12 times. You can come in and try on as many times as you want too! Our hours are also a benefit, we are open Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 5pm Friday we are open 10am – 7 pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm and Sunday noon – 4pm.

Q: Do you do alterations?

A: We have a woman we refer out to. She is great and her prices are really reasonable.

Q: What do you like living in the Inland Northwest?

A: I moved here in January 2010, my husband took me kicking and screaming and now I own a store and I’m here! I love the outdoors, the water is amazing! The people are amazing here, its a small town feeling and everyone is so friendly.


*Soiree Note: Don’t forget to join us this Saturday, January 28 at the Custom Wedding Event, where you could win a FREE wedding gown from Storybook Bridal!*

Photo References: 1-4. Story Book Bridal

The White Room

Vendor Profile: The White Room

Vendor: The White Room

Location: Downtown Spokane

Address: 117 West Pacific Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: (509) 990 1370


Price range: Typical rental is $1,500 for the evening.  If you are hosting your event on an unusual evening, it never hurts to ask if discounts apply.

The White Room Logo

Stepping into the White Room feels like stepping out of Spokane.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the eclectic feel of so many places in Spokane, but there is something splendid about a space so simple, modern and elegant.  The White Room is exactly that; white.  It is clean.  It is functional.  It is gorgeous.  Oh, wait. There is a sleek black baby grand piano set out, for your use or your visual pleasure. We hope you don’t mind.

White Room by Kristen Marie Photography


The White Room is also the home to Purple Turtle, Inc owned by Brad and Sara Greene.  During the day, it is an office space with a wooden conference table lined by large black leather seating, stainless steel mobile desk with envious organization and a commercial kitchen for an everyday lunch, of course.  Purple Turtle does anything from branding to interactive licensing to logo design from nine to five.  But, evenings they leave the creativity in their space to event goers.

In the case of an event, all mobile furnishings are whisked away to the back garage, which is coincidentally an effective load in and out for event designers.  The four 52 inch LCD flatscreen TVs replace business information with an event slideshow, the white curtain is pulled to cover the kitchen where caterers will soon take over, and the space is changed with easily hung and mounted decorations on their wired ceiling or nooks in the wall.  Below are pictures of the space set up for an event, which speaks for itself.

The White Room

The White Room also boasts the following amenities:

Downtown Spokane
Capacity 200+ standing / 70+ seated
3000+ sq ft.
4 52in  HD LCD flat screens
13 ft ceilings
Ample lighting options
Wireless internet
30 electrical outlets
Professional industrial kitchen
Viking Professional Range
Viking Professional Refrigerator
Private front entrance
Private alley access
Full parking lot access in back
2 restrooms including shower
Air conditioning & heating

Typical rental is $1,500 for the evening.  If you are hosting your event on an unusual evening, it never hurts to ask if discounts apply.

Photo References: 1, 2 and 3. Kristen Marie Photography; 4 and 5. the Purple Turtle


Zach Mathers Photography

Vendor Profile: Zach Mathers Photography Name: Zach

Name: Zach Mathers

Phone Number: 208-659-9073



Year Started: 2010

Price Range: Packages start at about $2,000 and are unlimited coverage, you get Zach or Lisa (the talented new addition to Zach Mathers Photography) for the whole day.

Zach Mathers Photography

If we have learned one thing so far at Soiree Event Design, it’s that passion and enthusiasm are essential parts of owning your own business. We were recently lucky enough to meet Zach Mathers of Zach Mathers Photography. Zach’s passion and enthusiasm is not only present, but contagious. Zach is committed to capturing the event from start to finish and getting images his clients are happy with. He will even trespass to get the perfect location, now that’s passion!

Zach Mathers Photography

Q: How long have you been doing photography, and how did you get started?

A: A couple years, last summer was my main summer doing it. I grew up in the Seattle area, and went to college in Southern California. Met some guys down there, and started a non-profit called Discover the Journey and did filming documentary work with them. So, for a long time I was behind a camera filming. I moved back to Seattle after that and started working buying, selling and flipping houses. When the market crashed, I started building furniture, woodworking and painting and had some of my work featured in some of the galleries in Coeur d’Alene.

I came home one day, and told my wife “I’m gonna buy a camera!” and that was it. Shot my first wedding and they loved it. I started taking a lot of pictures, I got a booth at the bridal show with only one wedding under my belt. Now, I just hired another photographer.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I’m based in Coeur d’Alene.  It works out well for me. My business is located in a reclaimed furniture shop.  It’s my office / studio / workshop / my paint room. It’s probably weird for clients to come visit me there, but the benifit of working out of that space is that I have access to every prop you could want, or I can build any prop you would want.  I do a bit of studio work, I’ve worked with clothing companies and things like that, but I love going out and finding random places to do shoots.

I can do destination weddings as well. I love to travel anywhere!

Q: Do you have a favorite place to shoot?

A: For a nature scene: there is this series of trees in Coeur d’Alene that are perfectly aligned. I’ve only shot there a few times, but each time the lighting is so different! I love that spot, but I don’t want to over use it so I don’t go there too much. I’ve had a lot of photographers ask me where it is.

For an urban scene: at the Coeur d’Alene airport, there is an old huge plane laying on its belly right on the side of the runway. I figured the best time to shoot it was as the sun was rising, before people are out there. We shot there, and lasted about 30 minutes before patrol was on us, but it was one of my favorite places! I usually shoot in places where I trespass.

Here are some examples of his work:

Zach Mathers Photography

Q: How soon to brides and grooms need to book with you?

A: September is booking out pretty quick right now. July still has a couple of  weekends left for 2012.  I only do 3 weddings a weekend maximum so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can’t do more than that because with all of my packages, you get me all day. My theory is, you can’t effectively tell a story if you’re not there the whole time.

Q: What are your packages?

A: My packages start at $2,000. That comes with 500-600 images on a disk, then an online gallery that guests and the bride and groom can view and purchase prints from directly. I usually also pick a song from the wedding, such as their first dance or the song they walked down the aisle to, and put together a slide show of my favorite images. The packages go up from there, and include engagement shoots and albums. I can mix and match as well to work with what the couples want.

Q: What do you like about living in the Northwest?

A: The summers. I spend about everyday on the water. I lived in Southern California and got addicted to surfing, and now I’m in Idaho so I need to spend as much time as I can on the water.

Q: What is your favorite dessert and where is the best place to get it?

A: I’m not a huge sweet tooth, but I love the rice krispy treats with the chocolate on top. I had a friend in high school that used to make them for me when I got hurt. They were awesome! I would get hurt and get excited about getting them.


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