Vendor Spotlight: Country Elegance

Vendor: Country Elegance, owner Jeneen Barrett

Country Elegance Owner Jeneen Barrett

Location: Off of Spokane”s South Hill, near Farris High School

Address: 4407 E. Jamieson Rd. Spokane, WA 99223

Phone: (509) 220-3797


Price Range: Only $3500 for the location and use of all amenities on site. Also includes a $500 deposit. Does not include tables and chairs, however, vendor will chip in $500 towards rentals for up to three days.

Just when we thought we had seen all Spokane had to offer…

We only had to drive a few minutes out of the South Hill to be proven wrong.

Compared to downtown Spokane, we were in another world — a world tucked inside a green valley, cozily surrounded by tall pines, a three-story, fiery red barn, off-setting the lush green fields, filled with the sounds of a faithful waterfall beneath a large weeping willow. But don’t let us forget to mention the ducks, geese, chickens, deer, and horses. Sound like bustling downtown Spokane to best online casino you?

This classy working farm has so much to offer, we can’t put it on paper. It’s perfect for those do-it-yourself brides who know what they want. Want to walk down the aisle of horse stalls rather than a church? You can. Want your reception under the stars without the light pollution of the city? It can happen. Want a barn dance? You got it. Want pictures of your wedding party in a field full of horses? Take them. Want authentic cow skulls from Montana as part of your decorations? Perfect…she’s got you covered. There are so many beautiful, unique places to take your wedding photos, the overwhelmed photographer won’t know where to start. You have the location — now you have the freedom. “Just do what you need to do,” says [owner’s name].

Pictures speak louder than words, however.

Country Elegance Barn
Country Elegance Barn View
Country Elegance Yard
Country Elegance Pug

If this looks like home to you, it’ll be the perfect place for one of the most celebratory and memorable days of your life.

Also allows full use of the following amenities:

Room for 250

Three story barn

Room for a DJ and dancing upstairs


Children’s playhouse

Hunter’s carriage (one of only three left in the entire world!) and sleigh

Horse stalls — perfect for serving your food and drinks

Designated smoking area

Ease of access

Pond, complete with waterfall and boat

House available to the wedding party

References: All photos by Logan Shenkel


Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Coordinator by Soirée Event Design

You might be thinking, do I need an event coordinator?  This is a normal question.  Here are our top 10 reasons why the answer to your questions is, “Yes!” and the top 10 reasons you will never regret hiring a coordinator.


10.  Save Time

The average couple spends over 200 hours researching and planning a wedding.  Planners have already done the research and can expedite this process immensely.  You can spend less time planning and more time enjoying your soon-to-be-spouse!


9.  Save Money

For full coordination clients, planners are able to get clients discounts through their preferred vendors.  Planners can also prevent clients from spending money on things that will have little impact on their event, or come up with creative ways to save money.


8. Save Friends

When planning events, weddings especially, it is easy to accidentally put stress on the people closest to us.  These are the people who you want to enjoy your event and be there as your friends and family, not as your event coordinators.


7.  Keep on Budget

Planners will have a very realistic idea of what things cost.  Event costs can add up quickly and it is important to be straightforward and vigilant with keeping a budget on track.  Event planners can help facilitate this process.


6.  Offer Advice and Creative Guidance

Planners have seen many events and know casino what works and what doesn’t.  They are devoted to making your event go as smooth as possible.  They are also up to date with fun and creative ideas in the industry and are likely excited and willing to share.


5. Creating a Timeline (that works!)

Anyone with Word can create a timeline and many people do this for their events.  But, creating a timeline that flows seamlessly and makes sense for how your events will move and flow throughout your event takes expertise and planning. Event planners can make this process much easier.


4. Acts as the Go-To Person

You may be hosting your event, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one that your event team is checking in with. – you should be enjoying your guests and your party.  Event planners act as the go to person, so that you can sit back and enjoy!


3. Handles Crisis

More than just being the go-to person, event planners will be your trouble-shooters in case anything goes awry.  Many times things go wrong that the hosts are not even aware of because their event planner handled it before it got out of hand.

2. Makes your Wishes a Reality

Event planners have the knowledge, expertise and production skills to make sure that what you want to happen is what happens.  If you want to have fire dancers at your event, but have no idea the safety, licensing and logistics of making that happen, event planners can make it happen so that your event is exactly how you envision it.


1. Minimize Stresses and Maximize Fun

The number one reason to hire a planner is to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  A host should never have to spend their event worrying; they should be celebrating the momentous occasion.  Having a planner will allow you to do this!


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