5 Fun and Trendy Accessories for the Bride

One of the most exciting processes for a new bride is the selection of her wedding gown. It’s likely something she has been dreaming of since she was young. But, as any woman knows, what is a great dress without some amazing accessories?! Here is a list of some of our favorite accessories for brides:

Wedding Trend: Sparkle

1. Sparkle - there are a lot of ways a little sparkle can be incorporated into a bride’s look: a simple beaded headband, a sparkling belt for her gown, or a chunky statement necklace. No matter what, a little sparkle is always a great choice!

2. Gloves - from dainty short lace gloves to long black leather, gloves (thanks to Vera Wang) have been making a come back in a big way to bridal accessories in the past year.

Wedding Trend 3: Veils

3. Veils - this is nothing new, but recently veils have seen some new trends with bird cage veils, tiered veils and blue veils!

Wedding Trend 4: Blue

4. Navy - the idea of “something blue” has been a part of weddings for a very long time. But recently, brides have been opting out of the traditional baby blue and incorporating navy into their look instead!

Wedding Trend 5: Flower Crowns

5. Flower crowns – this was a popular trend in the 60′s and it has been making a resurgence recently, especially with outdoor weddings.


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Destination Weddings: Amy and Joe

Destinations weddings are becoming increasingly popular. According to weddingindustrystatistics.com, destination weddings now make up 24% of all weddings! We wanted to take a more personal look at the process of planning a destination wedding. So, Ali’s sister, Amy, was kind enough to share a bit about her destination wedding in Costa Rica. Amy and Joe’s beautifully personal ceremony is the perfect example of how destination weddings are truly about the couple. I asked her a few questions about how the experience was to gain some insight into planning a wedding abroad:


Why did you decide to do a destination wedding?
I have never really been the person who had an idea of my “dream wedding”, so the day was really about how we wanted to begin our life together (which I think is what it should be about). We love traveling, and wanted something that was small, very laid back and really focused on the vows and marriage.   Joe and I decided on a private ceremony in Costa Rica with a reception for family and friends in Montana in the summer.
What was the most difficult part of planning a destination wedding?
We didn’t want to do a typical destination wedding, where the resort takes care of finding photographers, caterers, officiants, etc. Instead, we found the vendors/site on our own, which was probably the most stressful aspect.  Also, most of the vendors spoke Spanish which made planning a little more complicated.   While it took a bit more effort on our part initially, everything came together really well for the day of the wedding. We ended up staying at a B&B in a very small coastal fishing town.  The owners of the B&B allowed us to get married in their orchard and were our witnesses for the wedding.  I created my own bouquet from flowers/plants I collected that morning, did my own hair (with help from Joe) and makeup. We hired a photographer as well as a lawyer to perform the ceremony. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was perfect for us.
What would you tell future brides contemplating a destination wedding?

It worked wonderfully for us, but it might not be for everyone.  Be flexible, know your budget and enjoy the adventure. Don’t be afraid to elope if it is what you truly want.
What was your favorite memory of your wedding?
Its hard to choose just one thing, but I think my favorite memory was having Joe help me get into my wedding dress.  It is something most brides wouldn’t consider, but it was perfect for us. He was involved in helping me get ready for our day, which was really special for both of us. I also really enjoyed spending the entire day with Joe – we went swimming with sea turtles in the morning, sat on the deck overlooking the ocean while we ate lunch, and exchanging our personal vows.
Soiree note: Thank you so much to Amy and Joe for allowing us to share about your wedding experience. We are so excited for your Montana reception and wish you the best in the future!

Color Inspired: Purple and Violet

This color palette was inspired by all the various shades of purple I found when looking at wedding details. A combined mixture of different shades can make for a beautiful wedding theme anytime of the year. I especially love the purple heels in this palette that either the bridesmaids or bride could wear on the wedding day.

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Wedding Trend: Custom Favors

Finding a unique gift to give your wedding guests can sometimes be a challenge. You want to have a special gift that fits in your budget but that is also customized and represents the two of you. Below we have found a few tasty and adorable wedding favors that might inspire you for figuring out your wedding favors.

Tips for choosing the right wedding favors:

1) Make sure it represents both of you

2) Depending on your budget don”t forget that their are plenty of DIY wedding favor ideas. Sometimes some of the best favors are those that were put together by the bride and groom.

3) Personalize it by adding a favorite quote or the date of your wedding

4) Keep it small, no one wants to be casino online hauling around a huge wedding favor!


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