Summer Moments: The Reveal

I met Ali and Ben in the spring, and I was drawn almost instantly to their warm personalities and their zest for life. As we talked more and more about their day it was obvious the love they have for one another and I knew it was going to be a special day. Ali and Ben had SO many friends and family members that volunteered their time to assist in the set up and tear down of their wedding, with all those extra hands, everything went extremely smoothly and reflected Ben and Ali so perfectly!

I do what I do because online casino I love being a facilitator in helping a vision come to life, so it makes sense that some of my favorite moments at weddings are those that happen “behind the scenes.”  One of my favorite moments (there were SO many) from Ali and Ben”s wedding was the moment Ali saw her reception room finished and ready for guests. It is sometimes scary to set up someone”s event because you want to represent their vision accurately, and you never know if you are going to get it exactly right. Our team had just finished, and Ali came in from pictures took a look around and smiled her big, contagious smile. She thanked everyone profusely and said it looked wonderful. That experience set the tone of the day for me… knowing your client is happy is a feeling unlike any other, and the day went beautifully from there!


Photoraphy by Crystal Madsen Photography

Kristen + Jordan

Kristen Jordan

Every time I meet with Kristen and Jordan, I find out that we have another mutual friend or acquaintance.  These two are the sweetest, friendliest pair that you will meet.  With a background in events, they wanted to create something very special for their guests to enjoy. Between a never-before-done rooftop venue to hiring one of the best bands in town, I am sure their guests will casino online feel the love!  We are so excited for this day!

Meghan and Jake

Thank you for choosing Soirée.  Congratulations on your big day!

Images by K M Huffman Photgraphy.

Ray + Peter

Ray and Peter

I can’t meet with Ray and Peter and not end up laughing. Our meetings often went long because we got to chatting, and I could honestly spend a lot of time talking and laughing with these two. They have created a beautiful day to celebrate their love with their loved ones with an amazing menu, entertainment and beautiful personal touches to tie it all together. I could not be more honnored to share this day with them. Thank you for choosing Soirée and congratulations!

Ray + Peter
Photos by Park Road Photography

Maureen + Chris

Maureen and Chris June 2014

Maureen and Chris met while working together at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. Every story these two tell of their relationship is one that involves big smiles and laughter. They have been so much fun to work with since they have a great vision for their day and have so many loved ones that are contributing to this vision. We are so honored to be a part of this special day at The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie. Congratulations Maureen and Chris and thank you for including Soiree in your wedding.

Maureen and Chris June 2014

Emily + Jusin


Emily + Justin

Each time I meet with this couple, I walk away happy and SO excited for their big day! It is finally here and I cannot wait to be a part of it. These two are clearly in love and their wedding is such a beautiful celebration of that relationship and a blend of their personalities. Thank you Emily and Justin for including Soiree in your day, we are honored.

Emily + Justin

Photography by Crystal Madsen

Meghan + Jake

Meghan and Jake

Meghan and Jake are high school sweethearts, and just sweethearts in general.  I have had so much fun getting to know them over the last year.  Their casino backyard wedding is going to be such a treat for their family and friends.  I can”t wait to get this celebration started!

Meghan and Jake

Thank you for choosing Soirée to be a part of your day! Congrats!

Melissa + Jeremiah

Melissa and Jeremiah

Melissa and Jeremiah have been such a joy to work alongside in planning their wedding.  It is so refreshing to meet couples that want their weddings to truly represent their relationship.  Melissa and Jeremiah both love the outdoors, great food and drinks (they are SO spoiled in Portland) and simple pleasures.  Melissa is a copy editor and has a knack online casino canada for getting things just right.  I am so excited to be a part of their day.  And, I cannot lie, there will be some very unique details at this wedding that I am so looking forward to helping create!

Melissa and Jeremiah

Thank you for letting Soirée be a part of your day! We feel so fortunate!

Event Planning: It's a Wonderful Life

Not everyone has a job that has variety, excitement and fun. But, at Soiree, we do. Think about it. Basically our job is planning parties. OK, that’s the simplistic version of a day in the life of an event planner. In reality, it’s so much more.

We thought you might like to have an inside view of what we do every day. So, let’s begin by pretending you are a bride looking for help planning your outdoor wedding, which is 11 months away. We start by telling you what we can do and finding out how involved you want Soiree to be: we can plan and choreograph everything, or just the parts you don’t want to handle.

Our vendor list includes bakers, florists, photographers, dress designers, tuxedo rental personnel, musicians—the list is long and comprehensive.

Maybe you want us to take care of finding a DJ, photographers and party rental vendors. You know a band that you’ll contact, but you want us to find a DJ for the reception. You ask us to find a photographer who can go beyond traditional wedding photos to include some fun innovative portraits. You’re also on a budget and want to Why Do People Use Cocaine? cocaine is used because it produces euphoria, is a stimulant, suppresses appetite, and can be used as a pain reliever. keep the cost down, so you’ve requested the services of a taco truck but need affordable table settings and linens.

Now, we get to work. We look through our list of vendors to find those we think are suitable—DJs, photographers and party supply vendors. We put together a price list with some samples of their work and send those to you. We include a diagram of the wedding setup and give our phone numbers to, you and involved family. From the vendor list, you choose the ones you like and we make all the arrangements. From now on, we’ve got this.

For the wedding, we attend the rehearsal for an hour to help cue bridesmaids and groomsmen. The wedding day we are there for eight hours to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We’ve checked with the vendors and everything is running as planned. We’re pretty sure that all our ducks are marching lock-step in a row when you arrive at the church to begin taking photographs.

Just as guests are being seated, however, your brother whispers to us that band didn’t show up. Gulp. Wait, the DJ is here and he has a tape with some traditional music and some mariachi. Good. We’re covered.

The taco truck arrives, planning business as usual. But making each guest wait several minutes for a plate of food is not going to work. People want to sit down and eat together. We wrestle some eight-foot tables out to the garden and start plating rice and beans rigging up a buffet line. The vendors make tacos at warp speed and the guests. Another crisis averted. Your guests have no idea that the wedding was anything other than perfect.

Having an event planner made your life and your families’ stress free. Advanced planning minimizes glitches and your day is everything you dreamed it would be. As for us? Does anyone have as much fun at work as a wedding planner? Maybe. Does anyone have more fun? Absolutely not.


Real Wedding: Ali + Ben


Ali and Ben by Crystal Madsen Photography

We felt so lucky to be involved in Ali and Ben’s June 22 wedding at Trezzi Farm. From the moment we met with them, we knew this was going to be a happy occasion filled with family, friends and smiles. Just look at this couple, how could you not smile in their presence?   Ali included so many personal touches throughout the venue to make their day reflect their bright personalities! Even when it looked like rain, this bride was all smiles.

One thing that made this day especially special was the wonderful group of volunteers and loved ones that contributed. A large group of loved ones helped with set up in the morning, the couple’s friends Art and Lisa played the ceremony music and Nick and Addy Grow (also friends of the couple) were the MC and DJ!  Guests enjoyed a lovely and authentic Italian dinner provided by Trezzi’s wonderful chef Davide, followed by cupcakes from Sweet Dreams. The beautiful floral arrangements were provided by Fleurtations Floral, and the day was expertly captured by Crystal at Crystal Madsen Photography! Congratulations Ali and Ben and thank you for including Soirée in your wedding day.


Destination Weddings: Amy and Joe

Destinations weddings are becoming increasingly popular. According to, destination weddings now make up 24% of all weddings! We wanted to take a more personal look at the process of planning a destination wedding. So, Ali’s sister, Amy, was kind enough to share a bit about her destination wedding in Costa Rica. Amy and Joe’s beautifully personal ceremony is the perfect example of how destination weddings are truly about the couple. I asked her a few questions about how the experience was to gain some insight into planning a wedding abroad:


Why did you decide to do a destination wedding?
I have never really been the person who had an idea of my “dream wedding”, so the day was really about how we wanted to begin our life together (which I think is what it should be about). We love traveling, and wanted something that was small, very laid back and really focused on the vows and marriage.   Joe and I decided on a private ceremony in Costa Rica with a reception for family and friends in Montana in the summer.
What was the most difficult part of planning a destination wedding?
We didn’t want to do a typical destination wedding, where the resort takes care of finding photographers, caterers, officiants, etc. Instead, we found the vendors/site on our own, which was probably the most stressful aspect.  Also, most of the vendors spoke Spanish which made planning a little more complicated.   While it took a bit more effort on our part initially, everything came together really well for the day of the wedding. We ended up staying at a B&B in a very small coastal fishing town.  The owners of the B&B allowed us to get married in their orchard and were our witnesses for the wedding.  I created my own bouquet from flowers/plants I collected that morning, did my own hair (with help from Joe) and makeup. We hired a photographer as well as a lawyer to perform the ceremony. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was perfect for us.
What would you tell future brides contemplating a destination wedding?

It worked wonderfully for us, but it might not be for everyone.  Be flexible, know your budget and enjoy the adventure. Don’t be afraid to elope if it is what you truly want.
What was your favorite memory of your wedding?
Its hard to choose just one thing, but I think my favorite memory was having Joe help me get into my wedding dress.  It is something most brides wouldn’t consider, but it was perfect for us. He was involved in helping me get ready for our day, which was really special for both of us. I also really enjoyed spending the entire day with Joe – we went swimming with sea turtles in the morning, sat on the deck overlooking the ocean while we ate lunch, and exchanging our personal vows.
Soiree note: Thank you so much to Amy and Joe for allowing us to share about your wedding experience. We are so excited for your Montana reception and wish you the best in the future!
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