Event Planning: It's a Wonderful Life

Not everyone has a job that has variety, excitement and fun. But, at Soiree, we do. Think about it. Basically our job is planning parties. OK, that’s the simplistic version of a day in the life of an event planner. In reality, it’s so much more.

We thought you might like to have an inside view of what we do every day. So, let’s begin by pretending you are a bride looking for help planning your outdoor wedding, which is 11 months away. We start by telling you what we can do and finding out how involved you want Soiree to be: we can plan and choreograph everything, or just the parts you don’t want to handle.

Our vendor list includes bakers, florists, photographers, dress designers, tuxedo rental personnel, musicians—the list is long and comprehensive.

Maybe you want us to take care of finding a DJ, photographers and party rental vendors. You know a band that you’ll contact, but you want us to find a DJ for the reception. You ask us to find a photographer who can go beyond traditional wedding photos to include some fun innovative portraits. You’re also on a budget and want to Why Do People Use Cocaine? cocaine is used because it produces euphoria, is a stimulant, suppresses appetite, and can be used as a pain reliever. keep the cost down, so you’ve requested the services of a taco truck but need affordable table settings and linens.

Now, we get to work. We look through our list of vendors to find those we think are suitable—DJs, photographers and party supply vendors. We put together a price list with some samples of their work and send those to you. We include a diagram of the wedding setup and give our phone numbers to, you and involved family. From the vendor list, you choose the ones you like and we make all the arrangements. From now on, we’ve got this.

For the wedding, we attend the rehearsal for an hour to help cue bridesmaids and groomsmen. The wedding day we are there for eight hours to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We’ve checked with the vendors and everything is running as planned. We’re pretty sure that all our ducks are marching lock-step in a row when you arrive at the church to begin taking photographs.

Just as guests are being seated, however, your brother whispers to us that band didn’t show up. Gulp. Wait, the DJ is here and he has a tape with some traditional music and some mariachi. Good. We’re covered.

The taco truck arrives, planning business as usual. But making each guest wait several minutes for a plate of food is not going to work. People want to sit down and eat together. We wrestle some eight-foot tables out to the garden and start plating rice and beans rigging up a buffet line. The vendors make tacos at warp speed and the guests. Another crisis averted. Your guests have no idea that the wedding was anything other than perfect.

Having an event planner made your life and your families’ stress free. Advanced planning minimizes glitches and your day is everything you dreamed it would be. As for us? Does anyone have as much fun at work as a wedding planner? Maybe. Does anyone have more fun? Absolutely not.


Bride's Night Out is FRIDAY

Hey you! In case you missed it, Brides Night Out is right around the corner! It”s actually, THIS FRIDAY!  Here are the details:

Brides Night Out 2013

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Here”s some shots of last year”s booth.  I assure, this year is going to be even more over the top!

Color Inspired: Coral and Ivory

This soft, feminine palette has us swooning.  And, coral has been such a big color this year, we couldn’t help but be inspired!


Soiree Event Design Color Inspiration Coral and Ivory


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Destination Weddings: Amy and Joe

Destinations weddings are becoming increasingly popular. According to weddingindustrystatistics.com, destination weddings now make up 24% of all weddings! We wanted to take a more personal look at the process of planning a destination wedding. So, Ali’s sister, Amy, was kind enough to share a bit about her destination wedding in Costa Rica. Amy and Joe’s beautifully personal ceremony is the perfect example of how destination weddings are truly about the couple. I asked her a few questions about how the experience was to gain some insight into planning a wedding abroad:


Why did you decide to do a destination wedding?
I have never really been the person who had an idea of my “dream wedding”, so the day was really about how we wanted to begin our life together (which I think is what it should be about). We love traveling, and wanted something that was small, very laid back and really focused on the vows and marriage.   Joe and I decided on a private ceremony in Costa Rica with a reception for family and friends in Montana in the summer.
What was the most difficult part of planning a destination wedding?
We didn’t want to do a typical destination wedding, where the resort takes care of finding photographers, caterers, officiants, etc. Instead, we found the vendors/site on our own, which was probably the most stressful aspect.  Also, most of the vendors spoke Spanish which made planning a little more complicated.   While it took a bit more effort on our part initially, everything came together really well for the day of the wedding. We ended up staying at a B&B in a very small coastal fishing town.  The owners of the B&B allowed us to get married in their orchard and were our witnesses for the wedding.  I created my own bouquet from flowers/plants I collected that morning, did my own hair (with help from Joe) and makeup. We hired a photographer as well as a lawyer to perform the ceremony. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was perfect for us.
What would you tell future brides contemplating a destination wedding?

It worked wonderfully for us, but it might not be for everyone.  Be flexible, know your budget and enjoy the adventure. Don’t be afraid to elope if it is what you truly want.
What was your favorite memory of your wedding?
Its hard to choose just one thing, but I think my favorite memory was having Joe help me get into my wedding dress.  It is something most brides wouldn’t consider, but it was perfect for us. He was involved in helping me get ready for our day, which was really special for both of us. I also really enjoyed spending the entire day with Joe – we went swimming with sea turtles in the morning, sat on the deck overlooking the ocean while we ate lunch, and exchanging our personal vows.
Soiree note: Thank you so much to Amy and Joe for allowing us to share about your wedding experience. We are so excited for your Montana reception and wish you the best in the future!

Color Palette: Colorful Patterns!

This is diverging a bit from our normal color palettes, but how cute are these ideas?! Patterns can add variety, texture, and depth to a wedding color theme. We hope that some of these ideas work to inspire and spark creativity, enjoy!

Color Palette: Colorful Patterns
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Blush Color Palette

Lady Gaga was recently in a wedding and toned down her normally outrageous outfit for a beautiful, blush, bridesmaid dress. That inspired our most recent color palette….blush. This romantic and elegant color makes for a wonderful wedding, check it out!

Blush Color Palette
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Incorporating Mint

Hello mint! This fresh and whimsical pastel color has made a statement on the wedding industry. No surprise considering the color pairs well with others and evokes a calm and light feeling. Pictured below are a few of my favorite colors to pair mint with. Take a look and see what you think, feel free to mention your favorite color pairings with mint as well!

Mint and Cream
Mint and Navy Blue
Mint and Gold
Mint and Red
Mint and Purple
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Color Inspired: Cherry Blossom Wedding

Spring is in full force and so are all the beautiful cherry blossoms! I recently have seen the pretty little pink flowers blossoming on trees while on morning runs and was inspired to create a cherry blossom palette. I especially am in love with the beautiful earrings and heals on this palette!

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Color Inspired: Purple and Violet

This color palette was inspired by all the various shades of purple I found when looking at wedding details. A combined mixture of different shades can make for a beautiful wedding theme anytime of the year. I especially love the purple heels in this palette that either the bridesmaids or bride could wear on the wedding day.

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Tips for a Budget Friendly Bridal Shower

Recently myself and two other girlfriends got together to plan a budget friendly bridal shower for one of friends who is getting married this summer. We promise that an inexpensive, yet still beautiful wedding shower is completely possible with innovative and creative thought!


  1. Don’t plan on serving a full meal. Stick to desserts or light snacks. Guests will be completely happy without a full course meal.
  2. Pull together all the different vases and lights or decorative things you each own before going shopping. Sometimes you have more things hiding in the closet that would be perfect for a shower than you originally thought! Flowers are always a beautiful touch to a shower but they can be expensive. If you or any friends have a garden, use your resources and pick some of the flowers instead of buying them all.
  3. No need to serve copious amounts of alcohol at a shower. Stick with signature cocktail, wine, or mimosos.
  4. Make a fun photo-booth! Use fun props so that guests can receive photos from the day and so that the soon to be bride can have a memory book of her shower.
  5. Play games! Guests always enjoy these and brings smiles and laughter to everyone attending. One example of a great game is dividing guests up into groups and having them design wedding dresses on one member with toilet paper. You can find more ideas at Beau-coup wedding blog.


Here are a few of the photos collected from Claire’s bridal shower this spring. Enjoy!


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