Color Inspired: Pink and Purple

The color pink is not usually one that I’m drawn to or particularly inspired by, but after seeing how lighter shades can be incorporated into palettes for a touch of romance, I’m tarting to come around. For this palette, I was inspired by the ways that traditionally “girlie” colors can come together to create a more grown up and romantic feel.

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Color Inspired: Fiesta Theme

Last summer, one of my favorite Soirée weddings was one that had unique elements of a fiesta theme. It was perfect for the bride and groom, and reflected their personalities and experiences, but it also provided a lot of fun for the guests as well! The bright colors and special details are so happy and energetic, making this palette perfect for a fun summertime wedding!

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Color Inspired: Daisy Inspiration

Ever since I used to make daisy chains during my brother’s t-ball games, I’ve been in love with daisies, especially wild daisies. Nothing says that warm weather is back quite like daisies do, which makes them to perfect accent to any spring or summer wedding! These versatile flowers can be used as little accents throughout a wedding or as a big focal point through a bouquet or centerpiece. Even just the bright green and buttery yellow can be incorporated for a fresh, summertime feel.

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Color Inspired: Blue and Copper

This palette was inspired by a mint and copper striped cake. I love the way these colors complement each other in an unexpected way, and the combination becomes so versatile when you add in more shades of each color. This palette has a distinctly autumnal feel to it, so if you’re planning a fall wedding, I think that this unexpected duo is a great idea!

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Color Inspired: CMYK

I always love weddings that have a slightly quirky and unique feel. So when I saw a CMYK Inspired wedding, I immediately felt inspired! There are lots of ways to incorporate this theme and palette into your wedding. You can go full force and have an entirely CMYK color palette, or incorporate small doses of each color, or even soften the palette and work with shades for a less intense color scheme.

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Color Inspired: Olive, Sage, and Gold

Now that Spokane is back to its sunny side, I’m feeling inspired by outdoor weddings, and love shades of green with gold and brown accents for an earthy feel. Pairing this palette with other soft colors makes for a romantic and rustic occasion.

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Happy Easter from Soiree!

With Easter coming up this Sunday, we wanted to share a fun recipe we”re planning on trying to celebrate the holiday. It”s the perfect mix of adorable and delicious and is a great decoration as well as a yummy treat! We hope you enjoy this recipe and wish you a happy Easter!

Chocolate Easter Nests

Makes 12

200g (about 8 oz) milk chocolate
5 Shredded Wheat
36 Mini Eggs (Can also use jelly beans or M&Ms!)

1 Place paper liners in a muffin tin and set aside.

2 Break the chocolate into equal sized chunks and place in a heatproof bowl. Either microwave, checking every 20 seconds and stirring, until melted or place the bowl over a pan of simmering water (making sure the water and the bowl don’t touch) and heat, stirring, until the chocolate is smooth and melted.

3 Crumble the Shredded Wheat, making sure there’s no big lumps. Stir into the melted chocolate until everything is coated. Spoon into the cake cases and use a teaspoon to pat the nests into shape – you want a dip in the middle for the candy to nestle.

4 Place 3 Mini Eggs in each nest and chill in the fridge for about an hour until set.

(Recipe and image from Gin & Crumpets.)

Color Inspired: Springtime Shabby Chic

Now that spring has sprung, I can’t stop dreaming of beautiful pastels. I love how these sweet, soft colors can combine to create a whimsical palette, and love the idea of interpreting them into a more rustic, shabby chic theme. Looking a little unfinished and homemade seems even more romantic in these soft shades. Happy spring!!

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Color Inspired: Shades of Purple

We’ve always been big fans of purple at Soirée! From deep plum to soft lavender, there are so many shades of purple that convey different moods and themes, and they’re all gorgeous! This week’s palette features the whole spectrum of shades to inspire you.

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Color Inspired: Carnival Theme

Carnival themed weddings have become very popular lately, and we’re loving the trend! From the bright colors to the fun entertainment to the yummy food, carnival weddings are create a joyful event filled with fun and nostalgia. Carnival themes can be accomplished by involving one or all of the elements of your favorite carnival memories, and are sure to create a wedding your guests will never forget!

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